CompEx ExF Foundation Course

 Hosted by Canary HLE, Canada’s CompEx Centre

$500 (CAD) + 5% GST

Delivered via Zoom Videoconference

Upcoming 2022 dates to be determined

Hazardous Locations Competency Training Modules

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Canary HLE CompEx Ex12 course offerings have been suspended until further notice.

 Hosted by Canary HLE, Canada’s CompEx Centre


Get Smart for a Better, Safer Business. Canary HLE is encouraging people to undertake its CompEx Foundation (ExF) Course in an effort to increase safety awareness among those working in explosive or flammable environments.


The CompEx ExF course provides an introduction into potentially explosive environments where gases, vapours and dust are present. This theory-only course, which takes 1.5 days to complete, is suitable for technical and non-technical personnel who require a basic understanding of hazardous work areas, or who wish to develop their knowledge before undertaking more in-depth CompEx courses.

Course Objectives

The aim of the CompEx ExF course is to relay information to candidates such that they can:

  • Identify the correct national regulations, directives, and IEC standards which relate to hazardous areas.
  •  Demonstrate a basic knowledge of the main protection concepts, categories and protection levels that apply to equipment certified for use in hazardous areas.
  •  Recognize the elements that make up a hazardous atmosphere and how to apply the precautions required.
  •  Identify the correct descriptors used for criteria that classify a hazardous gas, vapour or dust location.


The course is led by Hazardous Location Industry expert Brian Schneider, a global specialist in intrinsic safety and flame-proof/explosion designs, evaluations, and a senior member of the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC) Section 18 Committee. Brian has designed and built laboratories in Canada and Europe that test hazardous location equipment in various explosive atmospheres.


Onsite at your facility or contact Canary HLE regarding upcoming CompEx ExF Foundation Courses


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45 minute online multiple choice exam; invigilated by the instructor

Who should attend

The CompEx ExF Foundation Course is an entry-level qualification for technical and non-technical persons working in potentially explosive or flammable environments where gases, vapours and dust can form a hazardous atmosphere. Get smart, be safer at work.

Certificate Issued

Candidates who successfully complete the course will receive an internationally recognised CompEx Certificate for Foundation in Hazardous Awareness

Participation support

Attendees will receive a letter of attendance that outlines each topic covered and time spent. This letter may support the candidate’s application for professional development credits.