How Does the CompEx Scheme Relate to the Canadian Electrical Code and USA National Electrical Code

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How Does the CompEx Scheme Relate to the Canadian Electrical Code and USA National Electrical Code

Brian Schneider

Canary HLE President,
Hazardous Locations industry expert

Courses are led by Brian Schneider, a Hazardous Locations industry expert with over 20-years experience working with clients including Lockheed-Martin and Siemens. He specializes in intrinsic safety and flame-proof/explosion designs and evaluations. Brian is a 12-year member of the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC) Section 18 Committee and has designed and built testing labs in Canada and Europe.

In an effort to harmonize with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC C22.1) has adopted the Zone System. As a consequence, the Class/Division system, * Hazardous Locations Section 18, was moved to appendix J18 in the 1998 edition of the Canadian Electrical Code.


The United States of America has also made provision for the application of the Zone system which are included in the NFPA 70 (NEC) articles 505 (gas/vapours) and 506 (combustible dusts or ignitable fibers/flyings).

The CEC, NEC and the IECEx all apply the Zone system in Hazardous Area Classification.

Topics covered in the CompEx Ex12 course are indispensable for the safe design and installation of equipment intended for hazardous location areas, regardless of country. Where the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC) and NEC 70 provides guidance for the electrical connections of equipment in hazardous locations, CompEx Ex12 outlines the best practices for the selection and assembly of hazardous locations equipment. The CompEx scheme is known for its rigor in documentation and requirements for inspections of assembled hazardous locations equipment. A person who has earned his/her CompEx Certificate of Core Competence has demonstrated Competence of Experience, Skill, and Education under the only scheme in the world qualified for the ISO system, ISO 17024.