Hazardous locations in the traditional workplace remain and are too often ignored with catastrophic results.

It is the lack of training and experience for those working in a potentially explosive atmosphere that is creating the likelihood for disaster in seemingly safe environments. At Canary, we are part of the ground-floor hazardous locations awareness planning that enables companies to ensure that their operations are functioning safely and that old and new explosion risks are properly addressed through education. 

Canary HLE is dedicated to creating and sustaining safe workplaces through offering and facilitating expert knowledge. Canary brings an international reputation for excellence in hazardous locations training and consultation in the IECEx and ATEX systems, Canadian Electrical Code (CEC) for Section 18 (Zone System) and J-18 (Class/Division System) as well as the USA National Electrical Code (NEC) Articles 500-503 (Class/Division System), 504 (Intrinsic Safety), 505, 506 (Zone System).


Canary HLE is the first and only licensed CompEx Centre (CompEx Ex12) in Canada and our instructor also teaches the CompEx Ex01-Ex04, CompEx Foundations, and CompEx NEC 500 Ex-F Plus.